2006: 1nd half: News archives

John is getting Crusty

I just turned 26. I can't say that it is all going down hill from here, since it is only 26, but I will put a few things in perspective. By 26 most people have kids. I have hobbies. By 26 most people have careers. I have hobbies that make money. By 26, most people are married. I'm happier than them. But then again, I'll probably be joining that trend before years end.

New Brushes

Hello All. I've added 2 new brushes to the resources section. They are available for download now. I've used both sets for many of the projects that I've just completed. Check out Solidox-Ink and Solidox-Palms.

Drink and plain craziness

Things that I need to do: Design design design. Savage Garnish, New IHigh, IHighLive, finish YourCLS. Build Navy Seals. Design Logo for Nexus - take a breath, start the next wave of designing. I would love to have time to complete my projects as well- but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

Accidental Rewards by Nexus Solutions

If I make it through this crazy time in one piece I will be amazed. I just completed designs for the Accidental Rewards site for Nexus Solutions. The site is very interesting and will be up and working very soon. Solidoxygen Studios designed the site, created an ICD for demonstration and finally designed a binder for the materials. Check for it very soon @ Accidental

It's busy around here these days. I've started work on designing logos for "How Sweet It Is: Trophy Tour" and "Simply The Best Pep Rally Tour". These tours are related to the Sweet 16 boys Basketball tournament and are sponsored by National City. The design for the site and tours are handled by 3rd Dimension Design and Solidoxygen Studios. Click here to view the designs.

Navy Seal Challenge

It is officially 2006. I've just finished work on the design for Navy Seal Challenge. The preliminary designs are finished and we are awaiting approval to create the site. If you would like to see the initial site design click here

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