2006: 1nd half: News archives

2 New Brushes for Sale

I just put up 2 new collections of brushes that I've been using for the past few months. I tend to use these two sets more than any others, so let me tell you that they both come highly recommended from me. The first brush is a collection of rust and dirty textures - good for adding textures to your graphics. The second is a set of cityscapes that are perfect for urban designs. Both sets have over 13 brushes and are all high quality brushes over 600 pixels wide. These brushes come at the low low price of $2.00 each. Check out the new Photoshop Brushes

FREE Photoshop Brush if You vote for me!

Solidoxygen Studios entered art in the drawing contest for Nov. I entered two pieces. Vote for 1 or both.
If anyone votes for me, I'll give you a free Photoshop Brush that isn't available on the site. Just add me as a friend and I'll contact you from iHigh. GO SOLIDOXYGEN!

Ad-Option Video Game Advertising Broker

Solidoxygen Studios just designed The Ad-Option is a company that specializes in advergaming and creating unique advertising opportunities for companies. The Ad-Option just recently brokered a deal with American Apparel, placing the clothing company in the online community Second Life. >> more

Business Directory in Lexington KY:

Over the last few months Solidoxygen Studios and 3rd Dimension Design have been working with a new site for the Lexington area. Best in Business makes finding a good service provider in Lexington KY a painless project. If you need a roofer, Best in Business has a few listed who have a proven reputation in the region. Their site makes finding the best business easy. Solidoxygen Studios designed the site and 3rd Dimension Developed the back end. Check out BestinBusiness Lexington KY Spa opens its new site

The concept of a spa has just gotten a face lift in Lexington KY. BeMedispa has relaunched its website. The spa, located in Ashland Plaza in the Chevy Chase area of Lexington, specializes in spa treatments ranging from massages to light treatments for skin. This spa differs from most since there is a doctor on staff at all times. Check out the site which is updated regularly.

Hectic Few weeks

I've been completely covered up for the last few weeks. First off I would like to thank those of you out there who have purchased Photoshop Brushes in the Resources Section. I hope they helped you out in your creative endeavors. Also I want to say that I will be adding more brushes and reviews to the site in the next few weeks.
So what have I been up to? Just got back from Bonnaroo. I've been designing sites for the New iHigh, which is basically a Myspace for Highschool kids. If you want to learn more about it check out The temporary iHigh site or you can go to the current old site. Anywho. I've been really busy and will hopefully have more time in the future for updates. Until then just check out Fried Crispy to stay entertained.

Launch of Buy Any

A new site has just launched selling Giftcards. It makes purchasing giftcards from multiple shops very easy. For example: you have 5 nephews, Johnny, Jesse, James, and Jarrod. They all like different things. Rather than go to 5 different stores, you can just go onto Buy Any Gift and purchase 5 giftcards from 5 different stores, and the site will send the 5 giftcards to your 5 nephews. Check out Buy Any Gift

Back from the EU

I'm back from Europe. Had a blast, but I'm absolutely exhausted. Got lots of stuff on the front burner I got to do. Lots of designs for Ihigh related sites. I've also just begun work with Vascor and Divine Designs. I'm slowly getting around to updating all the sites.

Oh busy busy life

As my time becomes smaller and smaller and my life more and more hectic I find it very difficult to provide decent and substantial updates. Oh well. Over the past few weeks I have been overwhelmed with design work for the New - I won't be posting any of the designs until late June after the official re-launch. In other news I have been working on other 3rd Dimension Design projects for a few other companies. Divine Designs, Brandsetter Farms, Vascor and Buy Any Giftcard are a few of those companies I'm working with at the moment.
For the next few weeks I will be out of the country and doing my best to rejuvenate my creative spirit. I'm taking a tour with my family and won't be back till May 8 so - Sorry - but the site will remain rather stale till then.

Once I have returned I would like to add a few new additions to the site. I would love to push the "Reviews" section and split it into some categories. I will also look into adding a forum and see about adding some communication to the site. We'll see what happens.

I also expect to push "Official" further and once a few developments occur with 3rd Dimension Design I would like to implement a few of the modules we have been working with into the OC site.

There are lots of things going on right now; it is a very exciting time. There is more to come, lots more.

Updates to Archive and Links

The Archives and Links sections have been updated. Check out the Updated Archive. We have accumulated a rather large amount of news over the past year. Also added Archive for 2006

Updates to Gallery and Portfolio

I've finally gotten the gallery and portfolio updated. Check out the Gallery I've also had the chance to explain some of our more recent projects as well.

Happy B-day

3.10.2006 turns 1 today. Its been good. and I have a feeling it is just going to get better and better.

Print Work for Xtreme Spring

February has come to a close, and with it also the print work for Xtreme Spring. The event is in Panama City Beach and will feature events hosted by the Navy and AFS student financing. Click here For more on Xtreme Spring.

Massive Updates

Massive updates are on the way. I have updates for the resources section and the portfolio section. Check back soon

Road 2 Launch

Over the past few weeks 3rd Dimension Design has been working with National City Bank and KHSAA to build the boys Sweet-16 Tournament Website. The site has been launched and is currently gathering content for the upcoming tournament in March. In conjunction with the tournament is a Pep Rally tour and a Scholarship tour. For more details check Road 2

Navy Seals Challenge

The Navy Seals Challenge website is finally in a prelaunch state. The tour will be kicking off on Feb 28 in Miami and San Antonio. There will be a few small changes to the site in the next few days. Check out the site at Navy Seals

Nexus Solutions Logo Design

Finalizations for the Nexus Solutions logo have been made. I have had the pleasure of working with Nexus over the last few weeks and hope to continue work with them in the future.

A Fried Crispy Valentines

Valentines Day is finally here, and men around the world are rejoicing. For men with loves in their lives there are flowers, for those with out, there is Fried Share with your friends as well as your enemies

Official Collectibles Hosting

It is finally official. Official is now hosted at Bq Internet. This means that I will no longer have to have the domain forwarded and is now an autonomous unit of awesomeness. Check out some Collectibles.

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