Canon Ef75-300mm Zoom Lens

A No Nonsense Review: 8 out of 10 stars

When I started looking for a zoom lens for my digital rebel I really had no idea what I was getting myself into. There are so many lens on the market and so many different price ranges. In order to get the most of my hard earned money, I looked online for reviews and articles and all sorts of things. Unfortunately I found very little information (and I definitely didn't find any samples). So for everyone looking for some insight on this lens in particular, here you go. The Ef 75-300mm is a good lens and well worth the money.


The EF 75-300mm comes in 3 kinds. The cheapest is the plain ole' lens. It's auto-focus and that is it. The lens is about $190 and is fine and dandy. The step up is the Ultrasonic EF 75-300mm. I bought this one. The only difference is that the auto-focus motor is faster than the standard version. This version costs around $250. The final version is the EF 75-300mm with stabilization. This version has little gyros built into it to stabilize the lens when shooting subjects at the maximum focal length. It is about $400. So if you are looking for this lens in a store, or online, this might explain the differences in price. Whatever the case, the lens is the same through out so it is possible to take good pictures with all three versions. Blah blah blah.

Ease of use

You put it on the camera. Make sure it is on AF (auto-focus) and take pictures. The barrel extends when rotated. That is it.


None with the lens. I have used the lens for awhile now, and it is really easy and really great. The only problems I run into are having to swap out lenses. If you have never had a telephoto lens, the problem you will immediately run into is having to change out the lenses frequently to capture figures close to you and then change to capture far away objects. It will make you want to buy another camera, and just leave the telephoto on your 2nd camera.


  • Good Construction
  • Great pictures
  • Taking pictures of people a football distance away
  • Cons
  • Not being able to put your camera in the case with the lens on it
  • Crap pictures in low light
  • Camera shake sucks at when fully extended
  • Well worth the money. Great for a starter telephoto.
    You'll feel like a pro.

    Rockin' Samples

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    The EF75-300MM

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