Presonus Eureka: Mic Preamp, compressor, equilizer

The Eureka from Presonus is a channel strip mic preamp. A channel strip is a piece of equipment that has multiple in-line items under the hood. The items are typically a Pre-amp/ Compressor/ and EQ. This gives you 3 pieces of equipment for the price of one. The Eureka is a Pro level piece of equipment, however it is rather economical and makes a perfect addition to a home recording studio.

I bought the Eureka after much consideration and review reading. I have a very small home studio - primarily comprised of a computer, a mixer, a few mics, and all of my editing and mixing and sound treatment was done post-recording. The reason I looked into buying a pre-amp was because I needed something to boost my signal- make it a little more crisp and help out my sound as much as I could before my computer even had a chance to touch it. I figured that "pre-processing" would be the best area to drop a little money into because my music equipment was fine, my computer did a decent job of post-processing, but I needed some help with the signal going into the computer. So I bought the Eureka.

To be truthful, I didn't know what to expect when I ordered the Eureka. I had never owned a compressor or a pre-amp or even an EQ. I new how to use them, but really didn't know what to expect with this unit. All the reviews I had read said it was awesome, and that after using just one unit - most studios bought more. Upon receiving my unit, I understood why. The Eureka is amazing. It will make the flatest sounding dynamic mic sound bright and responsive. I really couldn't believe the difference till I was compressing and eq-ing in real time. It is pretty amazing.


This channel strip fattens that flat sound up and beafs those vocals up out of this world. The compressor is wonderful on everything. I could instantly hear the difference with the unit on drums. It flattened the dynamics and gave the precussion a great "Pop" to it that just isn't there without the compressor. Overall- this unit just makes everything sound better-brighter- and clean, very very clean.

Ease of use

Boy was I relieved when the unit came with a presets book. It basically gives you the run down on what settings work best universally for certain applications. For example if you want to set up the unit to record vocals that would be set up differently than if you wanted to record drums or horns or guitars. The manual helps new users out by telling them exactly what to change the dials to. Great tool for Newbies.


The Eureka was the first compressor I ever owned, the first equalizing unit I ever owned, and it was the the first pre-amp I ever owned. I really can't imagine what I would do if my experience had not been this good. Using this unit really made transparent signal enhancers like compressors and eq's seem really important. I understood exactly what these processors did and it made a big difference in my recordings. If I hadn't gotten seriously different results I would have looked at my other pieces of equipment to improve (i.e. mics and effects). Having used the Presonus Eureka - I know what it takes to sound Pro. I would recommend this unit over anyone out there in its price range. It is a must for the difference in quality. My biggest complaint is that I cant' get 4 more so I can have a unit on every mic on a trap set. It definitely makes a difference to your sound.
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