Faking a Hand-drawn look with custom shapes

1. Begin by creating a new document.

I made a file 500px X 500px

2. Press "u" on your keyboard and select the "Custom Shape Tool" from the drop down

I selected a helmet shape that I made using the "Freeform pen tool". You can choose whatever you would like. This technique works with every shape.Select your Shape

3. Make sure the shape tool is set to "Path only"

set the path setting

4. Draw out the Shape

Draw the shape

5. Select the Brush tool

Press "b" on the keyboard to select the tool.
1.From the "Brush Drop down" load the brush palette "Wet Media Brushes"
2. Once they load, select the 5th brush select brush

5. Change the Brush Settings

1. From the "Brushes" window, change the "Scattering" setting to 156% Scatter.
2. In the Shape Dynamics window, change the "Size Jitter" to 33%. The brush should look like the stroke in the window brush setting

6. Select the "Path Selection Tool"

1.With your new brush created, press "A" and select the "Path Selection Tool"
2. Now right click the "Path Selection Tool" in the image. Select "Stoke Path"
3. A pop-up window will ask what tool to stroke with and if you want to "simulate Pressure." Make sure the settings match the image Don't check

7. Your path should now be stroked with a brush that resembles ink from a pen

To further the hand-drawn look you can create a new layer fill it with a color and in the "Layer Styles" Window add a pattern overlay that resembles parchment or paper. You can also add some smudges with other brushes you might have to further to look. the Finished product

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