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  • I had to cancel my subscription to Netflix the other day. I just couldn't justify the service. My main problem: time. I got my first ordered movies in 1 day. So I had to watch 3 movies immediately. Who has time to watch 3 movies in one day? No one. So I staggered it. I watched one movie a day and sent them back the same way - finished it sent it back. There is a flaw in the program you would never consider: the weekend. It screws up the flow of movies. If you are lucky you get 3 movies a week. Now that isn't bad- that works out to about 12 movies a month, which figures to around 2 bux a movie. By most standards that is a great rental price, and to be honest, the selection of movies was immaculate. Unfortunately having to pay $20 a month for 3 movies at a time was like having a job. Maybe I'm weird, but receiving movies in the mail, was like getting a bill that you have to pay and send out as soon as possible (as not to forget about paying it). This is a horrible way to view the process, but $20 bux for less than 10 movies is pathetic.

    Time was the biggest issue I had with my subscription. You sign up for the subscription size based on the amount of movies you want to see at a time. 3 at a time is the subscription I joined. The average turn around rate for a movie was about 3 days. 1 day to receive it, 1 day to watch it and 1 day to send it back, then 1 day to send the next, 1 day to watch it, and 1 day to send it back. Then the week-end comes up and messes the whole process up. I feel that this process would have been sped up if there was a shipping center in my town- but the closest one is 1 hour away, which delayed the shipping by a day- that slowed the process down, and I can't imagine what it does to rural areas.

    I have to say that I was down right startled at how easy it was to quit. That will make a huge difference in whether or not I ever rejoin. I didn't get hassled and it was so easy to find the cancel button. I clicked the button, confirmed my cancellation and I was done. Fantastic.

    I would recommend Netflix to anyone who has a bad habit of late fees, someone who thinks that $20 bux for 10 movies is a good deal,someone who likes a large catalogue of movies, and someone who doesn't care about what movie they are watching tonight-(cuz your stuck with what you ordered). If you can't deal with one of those reasons, then netflix is not for you my friend.

    Netflix- You're good, but not good enough for me Right now. I will probably rejoin when $20 bux doesn't matter that much to me... but unfortunately it does.

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