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For over 3 years we have been providing top notch graphics for Kentucky. We make only the highest quality graphic designs for our customers. We specialize in graphic design, website design, multimedia development, commercial production, and photography. We hope you enjoy the site, and contact us about any questions or needs you may have.


Mark Kidd Studios and Know More Nonprofits

We have just finished up work for 2 new clients. The first is a fantastic photo studio in Lexington. Mark Kidd Studios is an award winning studio run by Mark and Stella Kidd. When designing the site we tried to let the photography speak for itself. The site features plenty of photos ranging from Family portraiture to Child Photography. Check our Mark Kidd's Photography at Mark Kidd

Also Solidoxygen Studio just put the finishing touches on a Flash animated site for educating the public about Nonprofit organizations. You can find out more about the effects of underfunding of Nonprofit organizations as well as check out some of Solidoxygen Flash handy work. Check out Know More

On Butterfly Wings

On Butterfly Wings is a childrens DVD company that focuses on environmentaly friendly messages for kids. The company has just released their first DVD called "Our first Journey". Solidoxygen Studios designed the site. You can find it here

New Clients and New Launches

Solidoxygen Studios has been super busy launching and relaunching client sites left and right. A few of our newest clients are: Planet Salon(A staple of Lexington Hair Salons (check it out at Planet Salon and Embry's fine furs (One of Lexington's oldest businesses >> embry' We'd also like to mention some logo design we did for a local business called "Elements 4 Beauty".

Swift 3D Version 5 Review

Electric Rain just released the newest version of their fantastic 3D flash tool Swift 3D. Version 5 was released in late August and has many new features that flash designers will be clamouring for. The big new feature is advance model animations. Check out the full Swift 3d Version 5 review>> .

Drink Prices around the US

Solidoxygen Studios and 3rd Dimension Design are proud to unveil it newest site, Drink It is a fantastic new tool for adults to find the cheapest drink prices in their area. We are currently populating the site with drink prices and bar information around the US. You can check out the drink prices in Lexington KY here.

Summer Madness

We are in the middle of August and have all kinds of news. First off, we would like to welcome our new client, Stonefence Bistro. The restaurant is set to open in Paris KY in October. We will be designing the site throughout August, and we will anounce it when it launches. Other exciting news is the (soon to be relaunched) redesigned This site will be up shortly with a completely revamped look. Another new site that will be redesigned shortly is as well as the new site for
As always there are new projects on the way and more news to come as we push on through into fall. Talk to you soon.

Guitar Wired all the way

Solidoxygen Studios has been busy with all sorts of things recently, leaving little time for recreation. However in what little time we have free we like to do things of the musical persuasion. This is why we started The site is dedicated to music instruments of the 6 string origin as well as amplifiers, effects, news and most importantly great deals on all things music related. You really ought to check out this fantastic site. Guitar Stuff

Pixelation Problems for Graphic Designers

Nothing says amateur like pixels, blurriness and image artifacts where they aren't supposed to be. In this new article read more about how to avoid and correct this graphic design issue. Pixelated Problems

Tips for Aspiring Graphic Designers

I have just posted two new lessons to help aspiring Graphic Designers in the Tutorials Section. The first new lesson is about illustrating for clients. The second is about starting new designs with a single a picture. These lessons are meant to help and encourage novice Graphic Designers. Enjoy

Design Updates and Projects

We've been awful busy here in Lexington these last few weeks. First off we just finished redesigning, the website for Knight Electronic Design. Next we redesigned It isn't live yet, but it is in the final stages of approval. We also have just completed Done in Sixty Seconds, a site for affordable web commercials. Check out that site at is another live site designed by Solidoxygen. We have many many more ventures and awesome projects soon to be released.

Adobe Photoshop Brushes Added

We've just added 2 new brushes for you Photoshop designers. The 2 new brushes will come in handy for anyone looking to add some pazzaz to their design. The 1st is 21 brushes of Rooftops and Treetops. These are great for Urban Layouts. The 2nd brush is 7 new Gauge brushes. You can use these brushes whenever doing race layouts or anything dealing with gauges. Check out the Photoshop Brushes.

Done in Sixty Seconds

The world is not ready for the awesomeness that is Done in Sixty Seconds. This absolutely amazing service will blow the worlds mind. Solidoxygen Studios was lucky to get to design all the graphics for this innovative new site. Just wait. You'll see

Hillenmeyer, Knight-ed, and Failte Irish Imports

Solidoxygen Studios has been busy busy busy handling new and rejuvenating old clients. We have just started work for Hillenmeyer Landscaping in Lexington KY. In the next few weeks we'll be relaunching their new site, featuring a facelift and updateable content. Knight Electronic and Design and Failte Irish Imports has also commissioned Solidoxygen Studios to redesign their old sites. Once the sites go live I'll be sure to show the work we have done for them.

Business Card Sale

Get 1,000 business cards for $55. Find out more about our Business Card Sale

New Web Design Tutorials and Tips

Just added a new section for web design tutorials plus 2 new tutorials. Check out or new tutorials.

February Flyer Sale!

For the month of February has a sale on flyers. Get 5,000 full color 4X6 UV Coated flyers, designed and shipped to your door for $400. >>more

Start of the Year Projects

Just wanted to do a quick update. We've been maintaining the graphic design for for the past few months. This project is wrapping up and will be delivered to a sustainable state in the next few weeks. It has been a pleasure working with iHigh. Expect more updates in the future.

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