Make any picture look like it was once in an old newspaper

Old newspapers have a very distinct look. The photos are always black and white, over saturated and very bad looking all around. No matter how bad they look, the look is novel and I wanted to see if I could do it. So here goes


Since this is a longer tutorial- I'm gonna rush the easy stuff.

  • 1. Make a new file 500px X 500px
  • 2. Put and old paper pattern on the background layer
    (if you have problems with this part try my "Editing antique ads tutorial" 1st
  • 3. Find a picture you want to place effect on. Then copy and paste it on layer 2

  • 4. My result

    This is what I have after the 1st 3 steps My result

    5. Desaturate your photo

    click on "Image > Adjustment > Desaturate" or "shift+CTL+ U"


    6.Change blending mode on layer 2 to Multiply

    This basically substitues white to your background color which in our case is the newspaper pattern

    change to multiply

    7. Brightness/Contrast

    a. Goto "Image > Adjustment > Brightness/Contrast"
    I used -5 and +56 to take out some of the gray areas and make the picture look like it had been printed on an older printer

    change brightness/contrast

    8. Filter: Film Grain

    Goto "Filter > Artistic > Film Grain"
    My settings were " Grain: 8, Highlight: 1, Intensity: 4

    Film Grain

    At this point you should have a pretty good looking pic. From here you can do a few things.

    Outcome 1: My Personal Fav

    Jagged Border and Flaws

    Use a brush to add flaws to the photo. Make sure to use a palette that has smudges and ink spatters in it to define the flaws. If you don't have a set of brushes like that you can download some in my Resource section

    Here is my finished product.

  • I put marker brush strokes around the entire pic, to add a jagged edge.
  • I added smudges to the paper to give it a little old used paper look
  • Finished
  • Film Grain

    Outcome 2:

    Half tone pattern and flaws

    Use a marker brush to add a jaggedness to the border of your pic (I did this on another layer). Once this is complete use a halftone filter over everything but the smudges and newspaper background. It should look like this. However you need to make sure that your color are Black/Brown cuz otherwise your pattern will look jacked up. Here's the break down and the result

  • Use brush to add border
  • Add halftone pattern (dot) with 1 size and 1 contrast and make sure the colors of your palette are black then brown
  • half tone pattern finish

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