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Ipod Palmtree Brush

Author: Solidoxygen
The Ipod look is very cliché these days, but here's a quick way to make a reusable Ipod-esq palm tree brush! Woo HOO!!!

Make a Newspaper Picture

Make any Picture an old Newspaper Pic

Old Newspaper pictures have a very distinct look. Brown, sparse black ink, and no depth at all. Learn how to mimic that effect and start making old Newspaper Pictures.

steal a pattern from a website

Steal someone's Pattern for your picture or DESIGN

Have you ever seen a pattern in someones website and wished you could put that pattern in your sig or design? Well with this easy process you can make any background yours. Start Stealing Backgrounds NOW

custom shape tutorial

Skullz Custom Shape TUT

Learn to make a Custom Skull Shape. Check it out.

Fake a Hand-Drawn Look using Custom Shapes

Learn how to fake a hand-drawn look using the paths of custom shapes.
Check it out!

Create a Custom Brush Palette

In this tutorial learn how to make a custom brush palette. This tutorial covers the entire brush making process.
Check it out!

Create or edit antique advertisements

In this tutorial learn how to make your own patterns and cover existing text. After covering the text use the same technique to create antique looking text.
Check it out!

Submitted Tutorials

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Make Zombie Eyes

Author: Photoshop Facelift
Take a photo of a person and give them zombie eyes. Make Zombie Eyes now!

Blood Soaked Eyes

Author: Photoshop Facelift
Learn to create a blood soaked effect to the eyes. Make Bloody Eyes now!

Create a Symmetrical Face

Author: Photoshop Facelift
A simple tutorial on how to take a photo of a person's face and make it symmetrical. Make a Symmetrical Face now!

Create a Gothic Look

Author: Photoshop Facelift
Give any person's photo a gothic style appearance. Make a Gothic Face now!

Macro Layout

Create this clean macro style layout with a simple user friendly but professional look, in vary few steps. The techniques taught in this tutorial can be applied to many website designs. View Tutorial now!

Easy Apophysis

This tutorial will explain how to create a great apophysis effect with out using any extra software other than adobe photoshop. View Tutorial now!

Classy Header Design

In this tutorial you will create a simple, clean business header that will work great for nearly any professional grade website. Create a Classy Header now!

Easy Interface Vents

Learn how to enhance your layout and interface designs with depth adding vents with this simple, yet effective professional technique. Learn about Techno Vents now!

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