Macromedia Flash Services: Starting at $300

At just $300 anyone can add flash elements to their site. We can create engaging ads for websites or complex multimedia presentations using Macromedia Flash. Flash is the answer to website animations and 3D graphic animations for the web. Using programs like Swift 3D we can create one of a kind animations for any application. Depending on the complexness of the project we can negotiate an answer to your digital needs.


  • Basic Flash Animated ad: $300
  • Basic Flash Presentation with minimum animation and less than 5 sections: $400
  • Additional animations: $50 per
  • Integrated Video: $50 per 5 min clip
  • Advanced Animations (Blurs, Key Frame generation): $50 per
  • 3D integration/animations: $50 per

  • Prices subject to Negotiation based on complexity of requests



  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Flash Design
  • Photography

  • 1 Day Photo Shoot
  • Photo Correction
  • Illustration

  • Web/Print Illustration

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