Website Design Services

We will design a site for just $1000. This includes the graphic design and layout. We design everything in Adobe Photoshop which is by far the best graphical program there is. We stock and maintain our own Image library, so that we can maintain our low prices. Other services when considering Website design is Copy writing, Implementation, Hosting, Domain Registration, as well as other things like Search Engine submission.

If you choose Solidoxygen Studios you will receive first class customer services, free consultations and quick results.


  • Website Design : $1000
  • Copy writing : $100 per page
  • Domain Regestration and activation : $10
  • !QuickLink!


  • Web Design
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design
  • Flash Design
  • Photography

  • 1 Day Photo Shoot
  • Photo Correction
  • Illustration

  • Web/Print Illustration

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