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Make a Newspaper Picture

Make any Picture an old Newspaper Pic

Old Newspaper pictures have a very distinct look. Brown, sparse black ink, and no depth at all. Learn how to mimic that effect and start making old Newspaper Pictures.

Ipod Palmtree Brush

Author: Solidoxygen
The Ipod look is very cliché these days, but here's a quick way to make a reusable Ipod-esq palm tree brush! Woo HOO!!!

Fake a Hand-Drawn Look using Custom Shapes

Learn how to fake a hand-drawn look using the paths of custom shapes.
Check it out!

Newest Tutorials

Find a Photo: Design Tips

Author: Solidoxygen Studios
One of the hardest parts of being a webdesigner is beginning a new project. Starting with a blank screen can be very daugnting. The solution is tofind a great photograph !

Stay at the top: Design Tips

Author: Solidoxygen Studios
Place most of your design elements at the top. It makes the first impression so much more flattering. Learn how to impress clients immediately now!

Designing a Perfect Mock Up : Design Tips

Author: Solidoxygen Studios
When you are presenting a design to client you need to have the mock up as close to the final product as possible. Learn how to design a perfect mock up now!

Light box: How to Create an Inexpensive light box

Author: Wikihow
This light box can be used with any light source, and even outdoors.. Make a Light box now!

Make Zombie Eyes

Author: Photoshop Facelift
Take a photo of a person and give them zombie eyes. Make Zombie Eyes now!

Blood Soaked Eyes

Author: Photoshop Facelift
Learn to create a blood soaked effect to the eyes. Make Bloody Eyes now!

Create a Symmetrical Face

Author: Photoshop Facelift
A simple tutorial on how to take a photo of a person's face and make it symmetrical. Make a Symmetrical Face now!

Create a Gothic Look

Author: Photoshop Facelift
Give any person's photo a gothic style appearance. Make a Gothic Face now!

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