What is a Dynamic Website Upgrade?

A standard upgrade will include the following:

  • Content manager - log into your own website and update text and images any time
  • Simple controls - no learning a complex tool, updating your text and images is easier than adding pictures to a Word document!
  • Newlsetter tool - keep all of your customers up to date with a powerful and professional e-Newsletter, no postage necessary :)
  • Page Addition feature - since you will be adding and changing content, your going to want a way to add new pages to your website, now you can, instantly.

There are other great things that we can do for you and your website:

  • Business consultation - looking to do more, sell more, or get farther with your business strategy, we are here to help
  • Website design overhaul - does your website look like it was born in 1997 (old in internet time), we can liven your image to impress your customers
  • Flash and other animated content - if you need moving images to sell your product or service, we can make your website jump off the screen at your customers
  • Customer account pages - update and display custom account information for your customer to view after they log into their own account
  • Specialty tools - as a web application development company, we can accomplish just about anything you can imagine with data, media, customer login, automated communications, and more.
Hundreds of Dollars Saved, is Hundreds of Dollars Not Wasted

You own a website and you can't even do anything with it, do you really own your website?

Stop calling your webmaster, who never seems to be there, for help updating your website. Add a picture here, change the text there. It costs money, which means that you will forgo updating your site in exchange for saving money.

With our easy-to-use website control tool, you can do it all yourself in less time than it takes to write an email to your current webmaster.

Market Your Business Better

In today's competitive marketplace, there has got to be some reason for your customer to choose your business over one of many competitors. We understand this. With a bit of personal assistance from our web service team, you can put the web to work for you better than your competitors. As business owners, we all go to our competitors' websites (your customers are doing this, if you aren't, then take this as a hint). The most common thread among small business websites is the total lack of change. It's the same boring words, stale pictures, and dates from 2003!
Don't fall victim to this trap. You can update your website and stand out head and shoulders against your competition. It's easy to do!

How it Works

3DD is here to make your web management problems disappear, this includes:

  • Meetings and phone calls - we are not a fly-by-the-night firm, we are here to work with you, whatever it takes
  • Add Web Management Tools to your website - we edit your website code and place our dynamic content tools, without changing the look of your website
  • Host content from database - your content will be delivered from our content database on a premium quality server (we can host your entire site, not just the content if you want to package all or your needs together)
  • Set up newsletter - your professional newsletter will include your logo, colors, etc., so you can easily communicate to all of your customers.

How Long Does it Take

Less than one week! For most standard website upgrades we will discuss your website needs with you, obtain access to your files, add our website management tools, and give you your password access in just 5 business days. If you want to upgrade your site even further with our extra services, such as a design overhaul, integration of a store, forums, etc. - we will work with you over the course of 2-3 weeks to ensure your complete satisfaction.

What does it Cost

Pricing for a Website Upgrade package is very straight forward.

  • A basic upgrade (add 3DD CMS only to your existing website): $200
  • Complete upgrade (You get a new website with fully integrated 3DD CMS): $350
  • Monthly hosting: $25
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